#33: Small changes, new worlds

The instinctual force toward differentiation is built into the organism... I can say it is possible to make small changes and each small change results in the new world of a different lifestyle.
— Family Therapy in Clinical Practice, Dr. Murray Bowen

Until we meet again... 

If you have been following along from the beginning - http://www.learningtocommit.com/blog/2015/4/9/14-my-love-where-art-thou - how do you think this couple will fare? Do you think their disclosures to "try" are empty words, an attempt to avoid being alone? Or do you think lessons have been learned? If so, which ones? 

Even though I produce this webcomic (with my talented co-producers), and focus my therapy practice on working with, and studying, intimate relationships, I do not know what will happen with this couple. I do wish them well, and hope they are able to "make small changes" that will lead them to wonderful, and loving places. Onwards... 

With only a few weeks left until the launch of Learning to Commit: The best time to work on your marriage is when you're singlethis blog will shift gears. Staring next week, I will be posting audio (an exciting collaboration will be announced shortly), video and yes, comics, touching on a wide variety of topics, all related to commitment. 

Finally, a round of applause for my co-producers, Gabe Meranda and Lorna Hecht. Chances are, if Ball & Change made you laugh, or challenged your thinking about relationships, they were involved. 

Avrum Nadigel